Monday, September 21, 2009

Blueberry PANCAKES

This past week Jon and I got to watch a few our of nieces and nephews while their parents were out of town. They were so good for us and we had a great time and loved being one-on-one with each of them, but what I loved most was watching Jon truly in his element. He was up early every morning making blueberry pancakes (yes they did look and taste as good as the picture here), french toast, or scrambled eggs & cheese for the kids and then walking them to school with the dogs. I would come home from work to trade shifts and see him teaching the youngest (2 years old) to hit a ball with a mini baseball bat - definitely a future star in the making! He managed all this while continuing to run and grow and even got in a major truck repair with my Dad - what a week!

10 days into our dating relationship I met all of Jon's immediate family and knew from that moment (well actually even when we were just emailing I could tell how important family was to him) on that he would be an amazing dad one day (as he is the favorite uncle - no bias here!) but this week I got to see him firsthand and at his best!

Love you JON & thanks for making all of this possible!