Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Girl's Camp

We made our way to girl's camp last week and it was like going into a rain forest! It was up Payson Canyon on the Neebo Loop and the views were spectacular with all the snow caps still left on the high peaks surrounding the area. Jon did the hike for the girls and was definitely in his element (not just because he was surrounded by women...)! It was fun to see him find a trail and just map out the route having never been there before. We usually hike in places we have both been and it takes out the element of surprise and adventure just a little bit, but this was totally new and I loved watching him enjoy it, take it all in, and share it with the girls.

*we sang the sounds of music songs here - just kidding...that was for you Mers!

*Beam found the shade all along the way!

*ta da...!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Lake

Huck made it out on a boat and while the life jacket was rather tight - they don't make them for 8 month olds who can wear youth size hats - all in all he had a pretty good time. The hat somehow didn't make it onto the boat, and while we thought he was sun screened well, it turns out the corns of his eyes and nose were missed. It did not make for a very good look the following day, actually it looked like he had been in a fight! He loved the rocking motions and fell asleep for a bit but mostly just hung out and observed - taking notes on how to wake board later on, or double ski...
(who doesn't love the entertainment value of a double skier!)

*we finished like this!

*we started out a little nervous...

*yes he had lines on his neck and cheeks from the life jacket.
*in case you recognize the pj's - they are his fav, well the only ones that still fit that have the feet - they do say "top banana" so he was rolling in style.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Just bad at blogging!

Life just seems to get going and we don't get to blogging or update the blog very often, but we do love checking out others blogs...blog stalking...and especially the pictures so who doesn't like Easter in June, or at least Easter pictures in the Summer months??? Oh well, hopefully we get better as time goes on, either way for the rest of the blogging world -- keep the pictures and updates coming, it is fun to stay in touch!

Happy Easter - Love Huck (don't mind the chewing on the ribbons - it was his favorite part of the basket, we took care of the candy part for him...Reese's PB eggs!)

We had a work trip in MONTANA and who knew Whitefish was home of the Huckleberry???

Happy 2nd Anniversary 5-14-11 = bad picture but great snow for MAY!

Like father, like son - best way to spend an afternoon!

Huck made it to the beach! A little cold but oh well his feet got wet!

SUMMER is finally here - BBQ, warm evenings, swimming pools, relaxing?!? - hooray!

Love - McCall, Jon and HUCK (beamer too!)