Monday, December 20, 2010

Huck meets The Claus!

We ventured out to Fashion Place Mall over the weekend to introduce Huck to the guy in the big red suit, we figured it maybe the only year for the next several that he doesn't scream for the picture. I did feel a little weird handing our child off to some strange guy to hold, but he said he had experience as a 6 day old baby had been in to see him earlier in the week!

*Jon wanted me to hop in on the 1st one - make sure Santa didn't drop Huck, he passed, but he did get a little too close for comfort! A pretty authentic looking Kris Kringle -- just wanted to use as many different names for Santa Claus as possible in this post!

Merry Christmas Week!


  1. good idea! i never did that when jonah was a baby, and now he wouldn't touch santa with a ten-foot pole. i will probably never have any pictures of him with santa because by the time he's not scared of him anymore, he'll be too old to sit on his lap.

  2. Mogal! I was laughing so hard at Paul that night. Not only is he wearing John's INFAMOUS blazer, he is slowly turning into John. He was funny. Well Mo i hope you and your little family have a great Christmas. I would love to show you the shop when you have some time. Love you!