Sunday, January 23, 2011

Roll With It

The most eventful news of the week...Huck ROLLS!
Not very often and not very fast but it is possible. He goes from stomach to back with a long rest on his side in between. He did it twice on Friday night for Grandma Shauna, but has yet to show his new skills to his Daddy, as Jon was doing a Scout camp. We snapped these "action shots" so he could still be a part of the new accomplishment (sorry so grainy, they are from my phone)!

I love the face afterwards, I think he was giving me that look because I was so excited he had finally made it and he couldn't figure out what was wrong with me - can you blame him?!?

He looks huge in the picture, and it is pretty accurate, this week we had to make the switch from the 6 month size "Russian" looking hat (even though he is only 3.5 months) to the 1 year old size "monkey" hat. We are glad his head is growing as it was a little behind percentage wise at his last appointment, and we started to worry he may end up looking like Karl Malone, huge body and tiny head...luckily he looks like Huck instead!

GOOD JOB Chubba Lubba!

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  1. That Huckster sure is a cool kid. I asked Jonah what he thinks we should name the baby and he said either Beamer, Jonnnnny, "Call" or Baby Huck. So you guys are pretty population around here.