Friday, February 18, 2011

Huck the DJ

This picture shows Huck in rare form, while we are not training him to be the next SLC DJ it looks like he could do a pretty good job - he may play a lot of country though! Huck is so big that he arches his back out of his vibrating chair so we upgraded to the "play station" last week. We are not sure that he really likes it, he has a hard time sitting totally up right but he is getting more used to it and the entertainment it provides. Beamer on the other hand loves it when we put him in there!

We do however need to invest in a LOVE SAC! We were out tending nieces and nephews for the weekend and he had more fun on this thing than any toy we have showed him yet, it is his personality, pretty laid back and chill - he was relaxing in pure comfort. Sarah and Huck just hanging out watching cartoons!

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