Monday, April 27, 2009

A Sneek PEEK!

17 days and counting...FINALLY!

So, we had our engagement photos taken and you will see "the ONE" we picked but there were a lot of others that show our personalities much more than the traditional pose! We laughed, felt totally unnatural, tried to look serious in a few, but mostly just enjoyed being together - like always!

As the days get closer and closer I cannot believe how LUCKY I am to be with Jon and how amazed I am that it just keeps getting better! He does it ALL - plays with my nieces and nephews (they love him more than me but I am OK with that), cooks dinner, calls during the day, texts me when he gets home, fixes my car, enhances the relationships I have with my family members, love me for me, understands me better than I do myself and even comes to WEDDING SHOWERS and charms all the ladies! LOVE YOU JONNY - THANKS for the time of my life, and we have only just begun!

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