Friday, May 8, 2009


So, last week Jon and I went to Denver to help his brother move…well that is what I thought we were going to do, but as usual Jon surprised me with a wedding present! A couple of months ago I sold my road bike because I wanted to get a mountain bike so that Jon and I could ride together, but I thought I would work after the wedding and save up for a bike that would hopefully help me keep up with Jonny. On our ride over Jon threw a bike rack in the car (telling me it was for his brother so he could bring bikes over to SLC) and I didn’t think anything of it. We had talked a lot about bikes and even went to REI here in SLC to try some out, but the closest ones that would fit were in Boise or, you guessed it – DENVER!

So I had to go to the bathroom all the way from Vail to Denver but for some reason Jon really wanted to get to the REI store in Denver. Once again I didn’t think anything of it—the Denver REI is their flagship store and pretty famous so I was “holding” it so we could make it by 9pm and walk through the store. We pulled in just in time and ran into the bathroom and then walked each floor of the store. In the basement is the bike shop and I wanted to look at bikes, contemplating our future purchase, but Jon walked right up to the counter and asked if he could pick up a bike he had ordered. My first thought was, I hope he got a new bike (he was having his fixed and I thought maybe he needed the whole makeover and not just a few parts) but as soon as I looked at his face I knew the bike was for me!

In typical fashion I started to cry and couldn’t even speak, Jon hugged me and whispered “Please just wait until we get in the car!” With all the tough guys in REI it was quite a site to see me with tears, standing next to a bike watching Jon sign the receipt. What a SURPRISE! We took it right outside and I hoped on to try it out – it is PERFECT! The best part of the whole thing is that Jon got it for me so that we can spend time together riding this summer in Park City (we are moving there after the wedding for a few months) and continue to develop our relationship by doing the things we both love, together!

Thanks JONNY! My parent’s living room is full of beautiful glasses, pans, bowls, all sorts of amazing gifts but my very favorite is propped up against the wall – my new BIKE!


  1. First off, McCall, I can totally relate to the bathroom issue...I was laughing so hard during the story because that is SO something that would happen to me. Second off, way to go Jon!!!! What an amazing and thoughtful thing to do!!